Seven tasteful strategies for giving a family member unsolicited parenting advice

It’s incredibly frustrating to watch a sibling or cousin or in-law parent their kids in a way that you wouldn’t. We’ve all been there! All you want to do is tell them how you know or heard or read an article about how to properly parent and that they should listen and implement your advice immediately, but they just get angry and ignore you! Well not to worry, below are seven sure fire approaches to gently break it to your loved one that they’re doing it all wrong.

  1. Ask them out for ice cream. Everyone loves treats! Buy them a DQ blizzard, then wait until both of your mouths are full to casually mention that you feel they’re scarring their child for life.

  2. Loudly provide stories about your own life that are out of context and secretly meant to be lessons for them about their own parenting. For example, “I remember the good old days when I was a kid and my parents never let me eat a single gram of sugar and that’s what led to me becoming a successful lawyer.”

  3. Send them a hand written note. In today’s world of technology people underestimate the value of a handwritten note. For a little something extra, consider taking a calligraphy class. This will go a long way when you’re trying to convey that you’re right and they’re wrong. Sweetheart, just wanted you to know I love you and that my opinion on child care is more valuable than yours.

  4. Whisper it. Hushed tones don’t just work on children, they work on parents too. Approach gently, it helps if you hug and rock them while gently whispering into their ear “I really hope you’ll reconsider your approach to discipline because I think it’s totally wrong.”

  5. Emojis. Sometimes less is more. Start by diffusing the tension with the poop emoji or if their humor is more crass try the eggplant with an LOL face. Follow with emoji of baby and the x sign, then a wagging finger. End with a heart.

  6. Subliminal messaging. Sometimes avoiding confrontation is the best way to get through to someone. In this case I’d suggest casually making judgmental comments under your breath until they look visibly annoyed. This is an indication you’re really getting through to them.

  7. Do it yourself. When all else fails, take over the reigns of raising their child. Simply step in any time you see something you don’t like, and parent the child. Depending on just how badly you think their parenting is you might consider taking the child home with you and raising them entirely on your own.

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